STEAM CREAM - 1381 Chatting With Retro Flowers! Steam Cream 75g

Brand from Japan: STEAM CREAM. Oatmeal skin care for 365 days of healthy skin. Steam cream uses natural ingredients such as oats that lead to soft skin. Face cream, luxurious body cream, and hand cream handmade by our original steam emulsification method. I believe that every skin deserves special care like the face, so I made a cream that moisturizes the whole body with one. A cream with a light texture that blends well with the skin is perfect for those looking for simple and effective skin care. It is the brand's signature product that has moisturized the skin of 10 million people with just one cream since the brand was born. Please enjoy the unique feeling of steam cream that blends into your skin the moment you put it on your skin. Steam cream is made up of 98.5% naturally derived ingredients. Based on the Simple Quality Skin Care philosophy, we carefully select raw materials that you can rest assured, and simply prescribe and design the raw materials so that they can maximize their performance. Delivers the power of ingredients brought about by the blessings of nature straight to the skin. Oatmeal (crow wheat grain), which is rich in amino acids and has excellent moisturizing properties, almond oil and jojoba oil, which have fatty acids close to sebum, and oleic acid-rich cocoa butter, which is the most abundant in human sebum. We will support the function of the skin by using ingredients that are close to the natural sebum required by the skin. Kimonos from the Taisho era are touted as imported kimonos. Bold motifs of roses and lilies are popular. Still, after all it is a Japanese pattern of chrysanthemum and dianthus (Nadeshiko) I feel mono no aware. How to use: For face care in the morning and evening, body care after shower, usual hand care, and hair care. Face care: After conditioning the skin with lotion, gently spread it from the face to the neck. We recommend applying a generous amount at night and using a steam cream pack. Hand care: After washing your hands with soap, disinfecting with alcohol hand gel, etc., and after operating your computer for a long time. Apply steam cream diligently. Steam cream makes up for the water and oil lost in soap and disinfectant. The trick is to apply it diligently. Body care: Don't let the water escape after taking a bath. Applying a moisturizing cream within 3 seconds after taking a bath is the key to keeping your whole body beautiful. Plenty for the whole body. Hair care: After shampooing, towel dry and spread steam cream over the entire hair. After that, dry it with a hair dryer to make the hair moist and glossy.

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